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The practices and changes in law, court rulings, fiscal interpretations, legal issues and analyses. You will find here the current information from various branches of law, especially company law, taxes, real estate property and labour law.

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We are a law firm specialising in full-scale counselling as well as legal and tax servicing for business entities. We provide legal and consulting services supporting the formation, development and day-to-day functioning of companies.

We set up and restructure partnerships and holding structures. We introduce optimum quality into the management of commercial contracts, corporate order, employee and public liabilities, business projects. We supervise the proper execution of the commitments of our clients’ debtors. We protect them from the risk of failed investments. We predict and indicate the dangers of particular transactions or activities, the opportunities to optimize costs and maximize profits. We secure property and the most important goods. We monitor the changes in law, judicial decisions, the practices of authorities and make the information and recommendations immediately available to our clients. By combining knowledge and experience of all the selected specializations we make sure the product we offer is complete, reliable and efficient. Your company only has to attend to the business.


We comply with the highest standards of customer service. Due to the legal obligation to keep professional secrecy we guarantee full confidentiality of the services. We respect ethics, loyalty and mutual trust.

We are looking forward to doing business with you.

Managing partners:

Beata Geronałowicz   Marek Bocheński

Attorney-at-law           Attorney-at-law





Download the company booklet

From the very beginning, our main focus has been on perfection, innovativeness and usefulness of our services. We are passionate, persistent and we search for new opportunities to improve on a daily basis. We aim for the future of business to begin with us, therefore we adjust our idea of the services we provide in order to always remain part of that business.

Our goal is to ensure the growth of the subjects receiving our services, particularly through long-term, fully qualified legal aid, covering a wide range of issues, from choosing the form and setting up the structures of the company, preparing templates of commercial agreements (B2B, B2C), employment optimization, tax optimization, legal audit, consulting in the preparation and development of expansion strategies and the increase of the company’s value, through participation at the further stages in possible mergers and ownership changes. Within the scope of provided legal aid, we take care of the organization of the company’s day-to-day functioning through debt collection, trade contracts servicing, execution of corporate activities and legal representation. Our goal is to ensure the highest level of legal protection and to maximize the benefits of both ongoing and long-term business activity of the company.

LBC law firm also specialises in the execution of claims related to damages caused by, among other things, medical errors, road accidents, accidents at work or the death of relatives. Within that scope, our offer is mainly targeted at individual clients.

Our team consists of specialised lawyers, successfully providing the abovementioned services, both with regard to pre-trial negotiations and judicial enforcement of claims.




We support the set-up, development and ongoing functioning of your business…
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